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Festus, we have a man crush on you. And you remind us of a 16-bit ninja.

Festus Ezeli, in the form of a 16-bit ninja.
Festus Ezeli, in the form of a 16-bit ninja.

(Belated post as I have been buying bread, bottled water and eggs by the case in anticipation of WINTER ICE STORM SUPER FREEZE '10. And making French Toast?). 

I love Festus. In the most platonic, man crush sort of way. Wednesday he did what he does: pulled rebounds down like he was ripping the head and spine out of an evil ninja, Sub-Zero style; got some solid offensive production; gave AJ some good rest on the bench; and made his presence felt in the paint on D. Fes is no longer a liability, he's an asset. Like TIPS. All with a huge smile on his face. And I think that's what makes Fes so much fun to watch, you know he's having a good time, cares, and is putting it all out there. And he's gigantic. According to an interview w/ JFish, he's finally starting to realize that there are not many guys like him (real tall, real strong, coordinated, athletic guys). Now that he has his sealegs, he's only going to keep getting better. (See what I did there with the nautical analogy? That's how we role up in AoG.)

So here's to you, Festus Ezeli. You're our man Crush of the game award winner.