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Non-Gambling Related Post - Volunteer Edition

Remember when Tyler Smith was an NCAA athlete?
Remember when Tyler Smith was an NCAA athlete?

Vols are a 5.5 point favorite, 3 point first half favorite. Don't bet that first half line. Given the way Vandy has opened games this year, you'd have to be on crack to take that one. I also don't really like the 5.5 spread for the game. I think it's either a Commie win or a blowout UTK win. Take the Commies on the money line or stay away. 

Prop bet to consider: Andrew James or Chism scoring more points. I say Andrew James because we'll be able to get Chism in foul trouble more readily than they can get Andrew James in foul trouble. Also, he's had terrible games against UTK. And he's already beaten the Samson Rally 'Stache Curse.