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This is what happens when you're bored at work.

I love YouTube. Who doesn't? It is quite possibly the world's greatest time-waster and memory-inducer. It got me to thinking: "Does Vanderbilt Athletics even have ten YouTube worthy clips?" The answer is an overwhelming yes, and below are my favorite top 10. Please feel free to add in the comments below.

10. Chris Johnson - no, not that Chris Johnson - lays the wood on Dexter MccLuster. I love this clip because it has no announcers, and all you can hear are pads crushing and the fans gasping. Pretty awesome.

9. Commodore Creed with some awesome dramatic music in the background - key members of the 2008 Vanderbilt Football Squad gettin' serious about the 2008 season.

8. The Introduction to Vanderbilt Basketball at Memorial - Doesn't it give you chills?

7. Pedro Alvarez isn't quite "overrated". Listen to the fan in the background. Apparently he crushes this ball about 900 feet.

6. Jeffrey Taylor can jump higher than I can, I think.

5. Mario Moore running half-courter to topple Oregon. This was one of the loudest 2 minutes that my ears have ever endured. Memorial went gonzo.

4. Nice defense, Wichita State. Shocker!

3. Ask any Vandy football fan of my generation what play is the most memorable in their mind, and it always comes to this.

2. Senior night. 42.

1. Trip to the Sweet Sixteen. Gus Johnson. Heaven.