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MCotG Award and Thoughts from Under the Basket

This is the first google image hit for "filthmonster." Don't ask. I have no idea.
This is the first google image hit for "filthmonster." Don't ask. I have no idea.

B Tins pulls the Man Crush of the Game Award. Again. 15 points, some great passes, and no bone head plays. He's officially out of the early season shooting and confidence funk. Also, well done on the taking it hard to the rack, throwing down the Will Purdue-like straight arm dunk, reminiscent of a Vandy basketball card of Purdue dunking that I had when I was a kid. (Incidentally, I enjoyed the Dolla, JoJen and BTins three deep look in the second half. Very tasty.) Exactly what you would want heading into the filthmonster that is this week's schedule for the Commies. 

Now, to more important things. The first half today is easily explained. And I should have seen this coming and advised betting accordingly. It was impossible for Vandy to come out strong in the first half because... the rally stache has been shaved. 20 Minutes of penance was the price demanded by the gods for Andrew James killing it so mercilessly. Thank God he did it this week, instead of waiting for this coming week. We can spot Wartigereagle 20 minutes of cursedness. The Kiffins and C-A-T-S not so much.