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Links: 01.19.2010 Edition

In case you hadn't heard, the Rally 'Stache is no longer with us. It was a fine [mustache] ride. Daily Linkage below.

Commodores must keep improving their travel plans | Nashville City Paper

"It’s about improvement this week," Stallings said on Monday. "It’s about getting better and trying to be better (this) Saturday than we were last Saturday. That has to be our focus. It can’t be This-0 or That-0 or ‘this place’ or ‘that place.’ Let’s just try to be better and, obviously, do the things that it takes to get better."

Jerry Wainwright's departure won't turn DePaul's NCAA fortunes - Seth Davis |

After just watching Vandy thump Florida on ESPN, it looks like you were way off in your assessment of the Commodores' toughness. That's exactly how they won the game by being way more physical than we were in the second half. They out rebounded, out defended, and overall kicked our butts physically in the second half. From what I saw today, and with Tennessee's problems, they clearly look like the second best team in the SEC east. -- Larry, Gainesville, Fla. Don't mean to be rude, Larry, but it's not exactly a landmark achievement for a team to be tougher than your Gators. Not only does this Florida team lack toughness, but it is also one of the worst-shooting teams Billy Donovan has had. Like I said, I think this Vandy team has some talented players, but you take the true measure of a team when they leave their home gym. Wednesday's one-point win at Alabama was impressive, but it also started a five-game stretch that includes four road games, including at Tennessee and Kentucky later this month. Check back with me in a couple of weeks, and we'll see if Vandy has indeed proved me wrong.

Chat: Chat with Joe Lunardi - SportsNation | ESPN (Insider)

David (Nashville) Nice to see the spike in seeding for Vanderbilt - very dangerous team.

Joe Lunardi (3:15 PM) Agreed....

Chat: Chat with Andy Katz - SportsNation | ESPN (Insider)

Kyle (Fl) How is Kentucky going to handle being number 1?

Andy Katz (11:05 AM) Quite well based on the schedule.Kentucky will be challenged and have close games because of its immaturity still in those situations. But I don't see a Kansas State-like atmosphere for the Wildcats until Vandy, Tennessee and Miss State.


CatFan (Nashville) Predict the order of finish between UK, TN, and Vandy in the SEC East.

Andy Katz (11:32 AM) You called it.Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Florida.

Vanderbilt Hoops in the Rankings & Ratings | (Scout)

Jerrell Priester's status with Vanderbilt | (Scout - Premium)

Chase White talks official to Vandy | (Scout - Premium)

Kevin Stallings Monday Press Conference | (Scout - Premium)

The TSX Files - 1/19 | (Scout)

Trent Pruitt recaps official visit | (Rivals - Premium)

Simmons enjoys return trip to Nashville | (Rivals - Premium)

Signing Day Preview: Receivers | (Rivals - Premium)

Nance: I'm committed and plan to stay that way | (Rivals - Premium)

Adams: Vanderbilt hasn't been tested yet | (Scout)

Blog Archive " Morning Five: 01.19.10 Edition | Rush The Court

Will someone please tell the Kansas State fans that celebrating facial hair is so passé? I mean, seriously.