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Links: 01.11.2010 Edition

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Remember: Commodore Call In Show Tonight at 18.30 with Coach Stallings. We will have an open thread for comments during the show. Please stop by and share your thoughts as we listen. The thread will go live about 15 minutes before the start.

Stallings discusses big win over Florida in SEC opener at Vanderbilt |

On Andre Walker: "He’s to us what (Dan) Wer­ner is to Flo­rida. His offense is secon­dary and he’s really big on get­ting us the ball. He’s a glue guy. He’s an exce­llent defen­der and reboun­der and a really good pas­ser. He was really, really good today, as were A.J. Ogilvy and Jer­maine Beal. For Jer­maine to only have two tur­no­vers and pla­yed as much as he did, that was really huge for us." Blog: Florida Recap: Odds and Ends

"It just kind of popped into my mind that this is what we needed to do against their zone," Stallings said about the game strategy. "It's not something that had been a part of our system all year long."

"I just tried to put pressure on their defense and make them come guard me to get other people the open shot," Walker said. "I love passing the ball and seeing other people get dunks. I like A.J. getting highlights and Beal knocking down three's, so it was nice."

"I told Andre all week, 'This is a big game for you. You're really going to impact this game if you're ready to play,'" Stallings added. "And he usually is ready to play and he was today. I thought he really played well."

"I feel like I'm finally getting back to full health," Ogilvy said. "My foot's feeling great. I was able to actually play the way I need to play for this team to be successful. The guy's did a good job of getting me the ball in positions that allowed me to score."

"That's just SEC play," Beal explained. "I've been here for awhile. The refs can call it tight, and they can call it loose. Our fans were just having fun with them, that's all."

SEC Hotline - 3 Teams to watch | SEC Digital Network (Video)

Projecting the Field: Regular season debut - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball |

1 Syracuse vs 16 Morgan State - Buffalo, March 20, 22
8 Vanderbilt vs 9 Butler - Buffalo, March 20, 22

Other SEC:
UK 1 Seed in Midwest
UT 5 Seed in South
UM 11 Seed in Midwest
UF 9 Seed in East
MSU 11 Seed in West

SB Nation Bracketology: Two Top Seeds Lose, But Just One Falls | SB Nation

SEC: 5 Kentucky (1), Tennessee (4), Mississippi (5), Mississippi State (5), Vanderbilt (10)


Vanderbilt builds hope on youngsters | The Tennessean

"We're going to be really good at running back," Vanderbilt Coach Bobby Johnson said. "We have the two freshmen who played real well, Kennard Reeves is coming back and (redshirt) Wesley Tate is going to be a fantastic player for us. "The offensive line will be better. (Right tackle) James Williams is back and (redshirt) Wesley Johnson is going to step in at tackle and give people some competition. Our tight ends are coming back. We need to shore up the wide receiving corps, but John Cole came on strong and we still have confidence in Udom Umoh."