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The Radar -- Week of 12.07.2009

This Week:

Men's Basketball -- Last Week 2-0 /// Overall 6-1 (0-0)
Date Day Time(CT) Opponent TV
12.08 Tue 19.30 @ Illinois Big Ten
12.11 Fri 20.30 vs. W. Kentucky (Sommet)
Women's Basketball -- Last Week 2-1 /// Overall 8-1 (0-0)
Date Day Time(CT) Opponent TV
12.10 Thu 18.00 @ Quinnipiac ***

Something that is taking some getting used to for Vandy fans this year is the poor assist and turnover numbers. It feels like this team isn't very good offensively, and certainly there is some truth to that. 3FG% has been a weakness where most analysts would have listed it as a strength in the preseason (I hear North Carolina would agree with that assessment). At this point, I'm still inclined to believe that at the end of the season the percentages will more or less return to the norm. With the quality of shooters on this team, the team is bound to catch fire sooner or later. I'd much prefer it to be against Illinois and Western Kentucky this week, as both those teams are going to be tough tests.

Despite the lack of outside touch, this team continues to grind out victories. And that's a positive development. The fact is that Vandy is no longer a one-dimensional team. Now that AJ is finally playing healthy, we have a solid inside game. With Jeffery Taylor, who carried this team early while AJ was catching back up, we have a deadly force that can score at will. When he decides he's going to score, there's virtually no defender in college basketball that's going to stop him. Defense has been pretty solid this season, and the Pomeroy ratings bear that out. Frankly, it's kind of refreshing to watch this team win without having to resort to the 3 point shot. It's just a matter of time until they find their range. When they do, lookout.

Here are your updated SEC Pomeroy/Sagarin Standings (through games played 12/06/2009)

Kentucky's strength of schedule did get a little bit better after playing UNC, but not as much as you would have thought. I'm interested to watch see where theirs ends up after they finish playing all their tough games. One thing is for sure, the East is a beast. Four of the six teams are in the Sagarin top 16.

How will the Dores do this week?