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Clutch free throw shooting

How refreshing was it to see A.J. Ogilvy get to the line and knock down 11 of 12 free throws last night?  It seems that these double and triple teams will be coming all season from teams with undersized centers.  If he can knock down his charity shots, the Dores will be fine.

Also refreshing was to see John Jenkins step up with the coolness of a senior and knock down four clutch free throws to ice the game in the last minute. 

Can we get a pool going for the game when he misses his first free throw?  I'd hate to see it, because looking at 100 percent is very pretty.

Also, let's hope there is no investigation into point shaving here. Jermaine Beal misses a free throw that would have caused a push in the betting line. (Vandy was favored by seven).  It almost seemed as if Vandy wanted to keep that margin under 7 towards the end of the game there.