Vandy Guard Play

Whenever I hear the words "Vanderbilt Basketball" and "guard" mentioned in the same sentence, I usually get a feeling of calm, of comfort, and most of all, warm fuzziness. Obviously partly because of this and definitely this, most definitely the first minute of this, and finally of something like The Artist formerly known as Jermaine Beal.

This season, however, Vandy guard play has given me a deathly cold feeling of dread and trepidation, as if I expect a turnover or a brick to happen every possession. Now, I know it's early in the season, but these are things that need to get worked out sooner or later or it's gonna be a long SEC road.

Let's take a look at some numbers. Brad Tinsley is averaging close to 29 minutes a game. He is only contributing 6.5 points a game, with 3 assists and 2 boards. Most distressingly, Tinsley is missing open three after open three, going 33 % from beyond the arc. I love his quick play, quick drives, and willingness to take an open shot, but if Vandy can't get the inside / outside game working with Brad, defenses will gobble up A.J.

Now, this is not all on Tinsley. Golden boy John Jenkins, (How many times have we heard on broadcasts that he was the leading scorer in the country last year) is hitting only 37 percent of his threes (15-41), and has missed open threes consistently in big situations. The one saving grace for John is how big he came up at the line in the Missouri game.

Jermaine is probably the most distressing, seeing his attitude during the WKU game (I'm not sure if Kevin's message was a good one to send), and more importantly his performance. Jermaine is only 17-53 from beyond the arc for a 32 % clip. I think all this great player needs is some confidence, and that is not provided by a benching in Nashville vs. WKU.

Hopefully Saturday will be a start to a recovery for our three point ills. As we hear all the time, shooters need to keep shooting. I agree, but eventually some need to go down or we keep losing games that we should win vs teams like Illinois and Western Kentucky. Gross.

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