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The Radar -- Week of 11.30.2009

Yes, "The Radar" is a clever naval pun. Yes, it will serve to point out the weekly upcoming happenings relevant to the Commodores. Yes, the times in the table below are in military-style 24hr format. Yes, none of the fans of our SEC brethren can decipher them.

This Week:

Men's Basketball
Date Day Time(CT) Opponent TV
12.02 Wed 22.30 vs. Missouri ESPNU
12.05 Sat 15.00 vs. DePaul ***
Women's Basketball
Date Day Time(CT) Opponent TV
12.02 Wed 18.00 @ Wright State ***
12.04 Fri 19.00 vs. Bowling Green ***
12.06 Sun 14.00 vs. Western Kentucky ***

Some reassuring thoughts on basketball:

I assume that Vanderbilt will drop out of the Top 25 rankings in both polls today. I still believe we are one of the best 20 teams in the country, though we do not deserve the ranking based on our performance last week. As Jay Bilas noted in his ESPN-Insider column, Vandy is a very good team that played uncharacteristically poor in Maui.

Perusing the message boards, there certainly is some unrest among Vandy fans at this point. A.J. Ogilvy had been largely ineffective until the Arizona game (he was my pick for Stat-King; turned out well for me) due to his missing the better part of two weeks of practice so that he could recover from the concussion he suffered in the first or second day.

Since I'm not going to get into a preview of Missouri until closer to gameday, I'll just leave you with the following SEC basketball team comparison:

As you can see, while Vandy does have a loss (against a high-quality Cincinnati team that may be one of the nations top defensive units), there are no SEC teams that have come close to playing as difficult a schedule as have the Commodores. While it would be nice to be undefeated, Commodore fans should rest assured that the difficult schedule will only pay dividends down the road.

As a bonus, here's a poll on what you think happens this week. Please expound upon your predictions below!