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Maui Invitational: (24) Vanderbilt 84 - Arizona 72 - Postgame

It's late.  It's Thanksgiving (officially).  Obviously thrilled to come away with a win.  I've updated my plus/minus stats for the season and will include them after the break.

A.J. Ogilvy finally played with the quickness and toughness that the Commodore fans had yet to see from him this season.  He was clearly the most dominant interior player on the floor.  As Stallings mentioned in his postgame interview, Jeffery Taylor and Jermaine Beal did an outstanding job of holding Arizona PG Nic Wise to just 9 total points (and none in the second half).  He scored 30 against Colorado the previous night.

There is no telling how many horses Andre Walker sacrificed prior to the start of the game.  Ultimate glue guy.  I'm going ahead and giving Elmer's a free sponsorship for all his plays this season.  I'll come up with a photoshop to celebrate this assuming The Vanderbilt Vendidad doesn't get to it first.

Relevant Links:

Game Page /// TSN Recap /// Box Score

Here is a link to the official Vandy website which has post-game interviews with Coach Stallings and AJ Ogilvy.

Plus/Minus through Arizona game:

Happy thanksgiving!