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It Takes Stones - An Introduction To Being A Vandy Fan

I'm here to make waves [pun] ...

Blogging for the Tar Heels, the Longhorns, the Gators, or even the hated Volunteers is child's play. Hell, even being a fan of one of those teams is ridiculously easy. It takes a real man to be a fan of a team that consistently gets thumped by "major" program after program. To be a Vandy fan is to be a patriot in the true American sense -- you are the champion of the underdog, the "little man." You bleed with every loss. But you savor the victories in ways that the UT fans, the Florida fans, the Alabama-I'm-Going-To-Cheat-My-Way-To-The-Top-Because-The-Ends-Justify-The-Means fans have never had to suffer for their redemption. As the old cliche goes, "without the bitter, the sweet ain't as sweet." I bleed black and gold. And I'm damn proud of that fact.

Believe me when I say [allusion - see below], there aren't a lot of blogs on the Dores. You can probably count them on one hand. It's as close to uncharted waters (pun -- get used to them) as you're going to find among the major BCS conferences. I suppose that makes me a maverick. While this blog will be identical to the grand plethora of SBNation blogs in many, many ways, I plan to strike out in some unique ways that will distinguish The Anchor of Gold from the blogs of my SEC brethren. For instance, I plan to use complete sentences and proper grammar. I plan to use the maths I learned while attending my beloved Alma Mater. I plan to use logic and reason and all the other wonderful things that separate us humans from the rest of the creatures in this wondrous world. And clearly I'm going to have a sense of humor through it all.

So come one, come all. Join the fleet. Become a part of the Commodore Navy and we'll be your Anchor of Gold [Please forgive me for all those puns].

In parting, I've attached this little ditty Andy Samberg wrote about being a Commodore fan (FACT: the Spirit of Gold plays this at Vanderbilt sporting events):