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Music City Bowl Game Thread

How crazy will zombie Dana Bible get?

SEC Tournament Championship OPEN THREAD

After an amazing 5 day run, our Bulldogs find themselves playing for an SEC Tournament title today in Hoover, Alabama. State finds itself pitted against the only team hotter than themselves in the...

Dance Card: Vanderbilt, SEC

Who? The Commodores of Vanderbilt. What? The school is named after Cornelius Vanderbilt; the teams are named after his nickname, the Commodore. Where? Nashville, Tennessee, Music City. When? March...

Omaha primer – Bracket 1

Four national seeds advanced to fill out Bracket 1. Huckleberry will be along shortly to tell us how many unique outcomes there are for the bracket. I'll just say that this bracket looks to be...

jones Top Ten - Week Eight - 2010

The modern dentist now provides a menu of flavor options at your annual cleaning. They are listed on a little card, just like the dessert menu in America’s finest restaurants. You can get mint (I...

jones Top Ten - Week Three - 2010

Pastor Hall really brought it on prayer this week. He pointed out that people used to pray all the time, whenever they wanted. Then, turns out, only certain people were allowed to pray. Then the...

Sticky Notes

As May marches on, the NCAA baseball picture continues to come into focus. Even from last week to this week, fans can now flex a bit more certainty when looking toward Omaha. And by the way…that G...

Tossing projectiles

Had enough rumor mongering about conference realignment? If so, there is some quality discussion to be had regarding the upcoming College World Series. The regular season is winding down and there...

GameWatch Week 10

One of the coolest things about living in California, aside from paying taxes that makes Belgians wince, is the fact that college football is in full swing as I breakfast: usually a fiber-rich...

Vanderbilt 86, NC State 79

Four Factors NCSU Vandy eFG% 53.2 60.2 Turnover Rate 17.2 22.5 Off Reb Rate 28.6 31.4 FT Rate 35.5 61.1   Pts Poss OFF_EFF DEF_EFF Vandy 86 75.6 113.8 104.6 NCSU 79 75.6 104.6 113.8   Box Score T...

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