3. Matthew Fisher-Davis -- Fisher-Davis emerged late last July at the Peach State Classic in Augusta (Ga.). Since then he'™s grown to 6-foot-6. Fisher-Davis shot 49-percent from three and 97-percent from the free throw line during his senior season. He has a very quick release; impressive range is a good mid-range shooter as well. Fisher-Davis will play his college career at Vanderbilt.

Top 10 Shooters in 2014 | FOX Sports on MSN Riley LaChance was honorable mention.

Baseball America's VU-LSU Preview


Vanderbilt has received more than 100 requests for seats from scouts and executives, including major league general managers.

Weekend Preview: March 14-16 -

Scott Brown on Tyler Beede


He's kind of like the mad scientist out there.

-- VU Pitching Coach Scott Brown Perfect Game: LSU @ VU Preview

Damian Jones: Blockmonster


"I know a lot of SEC coaches just like me that are going to lose sleep knowing that their center is a freshman and he is going to be in this league for a while," South Carolina coach Frank Martin said.

Freshman puts himself in Vanderbilt record books, on pace for more |

Chris Boyd's Father Speaks Out About His Son's Indictment


"Whatever they want, they could have gotten without indicting my son. I don’t know how he gets his name back. He’s 21. I don’t know how someone repairs their integrity and character after this. There is nothing bigger." - Steven Boyd, father of WR Chris Boyd

Is Casey Hayward Legit?


By Week 8, a rookie was that fulcrum — and he just happened to be replacing a Hall of Famer. All Hayward did was put up some of the best numbers for any cornerback in the league. According to Football Outsiders, Hayward was fourth in the league in passes defensed, first in success percentage, and first in total defeats among cornerbacks. According to Pro Football Focus, quarterbacks had a 31.1 rating when throwing in Hayward’s coverage area — the best figure for any cornerback in football.

The All-22 All-Star Team: Casey Hayward and the Value of a Nickel - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

All Aboard The Damian Jones Hype Train


Vanderbilt’s Damian Jones could be the most underrated freshman in the SEC. The 6-9 Jones will immediately log major minutes for the Dores up front, and could lead Kevin Stallings’ team in rebounding. If Jones can produce in the paint on a regular basis, Vanderbilt could find themselves among the top four or five teams in the SEC.

Jon Rothstein’s NCAA Basketball Notes: Lawrence, Williams & More « CBS New York

Thanks for the memories, Tony!


"It’s a bittersweet moment starting my pro career. But I was an SEC champion twice, we set records my junior year, we went to the College World Series for the first time in school history my freshman year, and I played with many All-Americans. The experience I had at Vanderbilt, you can’t put a price tag on it. The last three years changed my life."

Vanderbilt's Tony Kemp signs deal with Houston Astros | The Tennessean |

Coach Franklin: Underrated Component of Vanderbilt Recruiting Success? High School Coaches


"Most of (the high school coaches) would have loved to send their kids to Vanderbilt, but just weren’t comfortable with the competitive experience they were going to have on the football field," Franklin said. "Now, they see the kids are coming back and having a great experience and they’re going to get a great education ... and they're going to win. That’s as important as anything. "High school coaches are the most informed of all the people in the recruiting process, and those guys have been unbelievable."

Commodores now a legitimate threat - SEC Blog - ESPN

It's Science: Vanderbilt #1 at Developing NFL Talent


When it comes to SEC schools, the study lists Vanderbilt as the big winner. Why the Commodores? "Vanderbilt by FAR had the worst rated incoming talent during this period, but they still doubled up Auburn in terms of their number of draft picks!"

When it comes to turning high school talent into NFL draft picks, Vandy - not Alabama - tops list (report) |
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