UT basketball coach finds 30,000 reasons to leave town

Schadenfreude Tuesdays present: a coach decamping to another program off the back of a Sweet 16 run WHO ISN'T EDDIE FOGLER. Well, if that ain't a show, I'll kiss your ass.

Stallings isn't going anywhere... and neither is Kedren.

Props to Lockridge for his continued service to Vandy fans. Highlights of the story: Basketball fans rejoice - Kedren Johnson is "on schedule to be readmitted this fall," and he'll step onto campus with a full 2 years of eligibility remaining. I repeat, that is a full 2 more seasons of BOSYM to look forward to. Stallings detractors, gnash your teeth - he plans to stick around until at least 2019, the year in which his daughter will graduate from high school. However, Stallings mentions that he doesn't see an end in sight. The 53-year-old Stallings stated that he once couldn't see himself coaching at 60, but that is no longer the case. On a less positive note, there's no indication that Henderson will get any sort of special dispensation for a second medical redshirt. Tough break with all of the injury luck he's had. Hendo's been accepted to grad school and may get full medical clearance in September.


Oh, and the NCAA's lead investigator on Bruce Pearl's case is, get this, working in the Auburn compliance office.

Franklin and Penn State looking into playing Vanderbilt

The Harrisburg Patriot-News is reporting that James Frankin is kicking around the idea of scheduling a game with Vanderbilt at Beaver Stadium. What's interesting to me is that it doesn't mention a Penn State return trip to Nashville. Do you think that Vanderbilt would agree to a visit to Penn State without a return visit by the Nittany Lions?

John Calipari vs. the Media - better stop the fight, it's getting ugly

It's *almost* enough to make you feel bad for h... (bursts into laughter)

Exclusive Chris Boyd Interview with Dr. SEC

If anything, this just makes me sad. He had so much potential and upside, and we could have used him this year and next. Reminds you of Matthews. Regardless of his accusations, he's a great guy. Anchor Down.

All hail Banksy

Our old new RB coach is growing on me quickly. Bonus Banksy -

Report: Stanford's David Kotulski to Become Vanderbilt's Defensive Coordinator, Switch 'Dores to a 3-4 Alignment

NBC Sports reports that Stanford assistant David Kotulski will join Derek Mason at Vanderbilt as the team's new Defensive Coordinator. He'll replace Bob Shoop, who developed Vandy into a team that could stop anyone who wasn't running the read option. Kotulski and Mason are rumored to be implementing a 3-4 scheme for Vandy, which could be troublesome for a team with more experienced talent on the line than amongst its linebackers.


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