College World Series 2014: Baseball America's Updated Scouting Grades

TD Ameritrade Park - USA TODAY Sports

The data table gods tell us what we already knew: Vanderbilt-Louisville is going to be tight.

Yesterday Baseball American released updated scouting reports for all the 2014 College World Series teams based on their 20-80 scale, where:

Scouts grade prospects on how their tools compare with those of an average major leaguer, but for our Top 25′s purposes, we rate talent relative to an average NCAA tournament team. In addition to grading our top 25 teams on typical tools like hitting for average, hitting for power, speed and defense, we have divided the fifth tool (arm) into two categories: starting pitching and bullpen. We're also giving teams a grade for Experience/Intangibles-think of it as a team's "makeup", if you like. For each category, a grade of 50 is average, comparable to a typical NCAA tournament contender; 60 is above-average; 70 is well-above-average; 40 is below-average; and 30 is well-below-average. Twenty and 80 are the extreme limits in each direction. Finally, each team is given an Overall Future Potential (OFP) grade. In this case, the OFP represents our assessment of a team's overall strength and its chance to win the College World Series.

Here's how the teams stack up (opening round matchups are paired together, category leaders in bold):

UC Irvine Texas Louisville Vanderbilt Texas Tech TCU Virginia Ole Miss
Record 40-23 43-19 50-15 46-19 45-19 47-16 49-14 46-19
Preseason Ranking NR 18 20 10 NR 19 1 NR
Final Ranking NR 21 13 20 NR 9 8 12
Hitting 45 45 60 60 60 50 65 65
Power 35 35 50 50 55 35 60 65
Speed 35 55 70 70 30 50 60 65
Defense 60 60 60 65 70 70 70 60
Starting Pitching 55 65 55 70 50 70 70 55
Bullpen 50 70 70 65 55 70 65 65
Experience / Intangibles 65 60 70 60 55 65 65 60
BA OFP 55 60 65 65 55 65 70 65

Interested in commentary on these rankings and how they may have changed from preseason scouting grades, I encourage you to go read the full article over at Baseball America.

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