The 2014 Baseball Season


In which a writer battles home repairs and paint-fume head-wooziness to try to cobble together a series preview for the baseball games in an hour before he has to get back to working on his money pit of a house, and do you want to buy a house?


Series Preview: I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

You Didn't See Nothing. -- via Simpsons Wiki "Give me a handful of Commodores, and I'll win the war!" - Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. "We regret to say that Col. David Crockett and his companion...


Week VIII: Another Bullshit [Weekend] in Suck City

"But on the plus side, I knocked over the Sunsphere..."


Week VIII v. Those Who Shall Not Be Named

I must confine my anger to the wave of orange who, like a contagion, must be contained within Knoxville, lest they spread to parts where humans reside, and turn them from beings of reason into callers of the Paul Feinbaum Show.


Pitching 101 with Carson Fulmer

In this chapter, we learn the art of pitching. There is only one chapter.


UK Series Recap: "The Platoon" or "The Stalwart"

Who should Corbin be using as his primary DH? Is it time to bench Coleman, or at least drop him in the order? Will you answer me these questions three?


"We Can't Stop Here. This is Bat Country."

Previewing the Vanderbilt v. UK series, focusing on mental health and bourbon. You heard right.


The Bourbon Summit: Q & A with "A Sea of Blue"

I ask questions, Glenn Logan, the baseball writer for UK's "A Sea of Blue" gives answers. Mostly about baseball.


Series Preview: Mississippi State

I must be mad to think anyone will be able to tear themselves away from their televisions and/or computer screens streaming college basketball from 11:30am-midnight CT to read this column. They're certainly not able to do this for work.


Scouting Report Week 5: Beede, Nola, LSU & Vandy

"Contentment" and/or "The Paul Manieri Embolism"


Baseball: Vanderbilt vs LSU - Open SeriesThread

All three games. One thread. So much action.

Baseball America's VU-LSU Preview

Vanderbilt has received more than 100 requests for seats from scouts and executives, including major league general managers.

Weekend Preview: March 14-16 -

Scott Brown on Tyler Beede

He's kind of like the mad scientist out there.

-- VU Pitching Coach Scott Brown Perfect Game: LSU @ VU Preview

Baseball, Bourbon, & Bad Decisions: Week Five

Whisky to pair with watching us stare into the abyss (LSU) and see the abyss stare back into us: Wild Turkey's "Forgiven." It's a blend of rye and bourbon taken from the best of both barrels. METAPHOR!!!

VU Baseball Scouting Report & Recap: Week Four

Well, I'm going to read my speech. I worked hard on it. In the words of Grandmaster Flash: ‘You going high on that cocaine. You going crazy like a cocaine train.


Baseball, Bourbon, & Bad Decisions: Week II

"And yet even in reaching for the beautiful, there is beauty, and also in suffering whatever it is that one suffers en route." -Plato, Phaedrus "It is impossible to suffer without making someone...


VU Baseball: Something something, Burt Ward

I've got to admit, during this week's four wins (and last week's trolley-stomping of the city we call Long Beach), Corbin hasn't given me much fodder for exercising my inhuman ability to second guess even the minutest decision.

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