The Hangover, Week 2

IN which a 41-year old Commodore supporter who missed most of the game supporting his wife at Cal Alumni Band Day hastily recaps what he saw of the annual FCS sacrifice.

Not gonna lie: I just finished watching this game. I saw some of it on ESPN3 last night on my phone, but not very much, because Verizon has zippy signal at Memorial Stadium because AT&T has an exclusivity agreement for all Pac-12 stadiums now. If anyone can tell me what data service is like on VZW at Dudley Field I would appreciate it...

Anyway, the fact that it was 3-0 at the end of the first quarter is not happy-making. It's better than down 10, but we have to start lighting the fire from the beginning. The rope-a-dope was great during the Rumble in the Jungle but that was damn near 40 years ago. Of course, we get hot as hell in the second quarter. Apparently the 2nd is the new 3rd. Which I like better, to be honest, but I'd love to shoot out of the gate and hang 28 points up front and make teams play from behind.

Seymour? Me like. The Joystick (as we are apparently now calling him) runs a lot bigger than he looks. I wouldn't be surprised if he's getting the bulk of the carries in a month or so - Tate is the versatile burly third-down or short-yardage back, and Kimbrow is still blinding fast in the open field, but Seymour looks like he just gets yards.

I don't want to think about where this team would be without Jordan Matthews.

Hey, as long as we're going back to the 1970s, can we bring back tearaway jerseys too? Because I'd love to see some defender holding a handful of black rag while Kimbrow or Matthews go streaking into the end zone.

The backup QBs look like backups. Although you can see the raw material there, for sure - and I'm glad we got them the reps. I'm glad ACS is starting, though.

And the thing I keep coming back to: it's Austin Peay. Not to take anything away from a bunch of tough kids who have their work cut out for them opening with five straight road games, the first two against SEC opponents, but future generations of Governors will thank them for making the money to help refurbish the stadium, and there are plenty of talented kids in Tennessee and Kentucky such that I expect them to be better sooner than later. But let's be fair: the number was 46. We were expected to destroy this team. We won by five touchdowns and didn't cover. The best you can say about this game is that it wasn't exciting, which a lot of teams would have greatly preferred (take a bow, K-State and Oregon State). We got a lot of playing time, and we avoided injuries, and we got to shed the bad taste of the Ole Miss loss. Don't take anything else out of this.

Hm. Next home game is UAB. I think I'll come have a look.

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