Win a TiMBERFLY Anchor of Gold Wood iPhone Case in AoG's College Pick'em League

Pick college football games correctly, win this case. Simple as that.

The good folks over at TiMBERFLY were nice enough to send us a badass iPhone case, carved from the finest wood and with the AoG logo carved into the back. If you pick enough NCAA football games correctly, it could be yours.

Looking for a way to simultaneously protect your phone, rep Vanderbilt, and become the envy of every iPhone toting hipster in your local town? Anchor of Gold and TiMBERFLY have got just the thing for you.

That's a custom-made, AoG iPhone case created by the college football loving gentlemen over at TiMBERFLY - and it's pretty damn cool. It's lightweight, well sculpted, and exactly the kind of case that Ron Swanson would own if he were 1. not a fictional character 2. a Vanderbilt fan or 3. not currently off the grid.

All you have to do in order to win the handsome case above is be better than the rest of the AoG commentariat when it comes to picking college football games. I've started up the AoG College Pick'em League over at Yahoo!, and the grand prize will be the case above that looks like it came right off of Ron Burgundy's bookshelf. Here's the signup information:

League: Anchor of Gold! (ID #20526)
Password: zacstacy

In order to sign in, you'll have to follow this link and bunch in the ID # and the password above. Then, just create your pickset name and start choosing winners. In order to avoid ties, we'll use confidence points and drop everyone's lowest scoring week in case anyone forgets to make their picks. At the end of the season, whomever has the most points gets the TiMBERFLY iPhone case.

For full disclosure, I'm not working with or getting paid by TiMBERFLY. The guys in charge there just happen to be college football fans who graciously shipped a custom made case our way as part of the universe's penance for living through the Robbie Caldwell era. They also shared their generosity with our SBNation compatriots over at Good Bull Hunting, and you can see how their iPhone case turned out right here.

So sign up, get your picks in, and show the rest of us chumps that you knew that Missouri was destined to start 5-0 while TCU was doomed to a 2-3 record. If you know best, you'll have a brand new iPhone case to show off - and a whole lot of questions about what "Anchor of Gold" actually means coming your way.

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