Nashville Help Needed - ASAP!

Can anyone help an SBN brotha out? I am driving down to Nashville tomorrow (8/17) with a bunch of my youngest brother's friends for his bachelor party (guy doesn't drink, likes country music, don't ask). We are a bunch of slow Big Ten guys (redundant, I know) who know next to nothing about Nashville and have found very little in the way of useful information on the interwebz. This is where I open it up to you fine Southern gentlemen.

We will have cars, so getting around shouldn't be much of a problem. Here's what we're in need of most:

  • Eating options
  1. Vegan is a must given that the groom-to-be is afflicted with this terrible social disorder. We don't need to take him out every night given that we'll be able to cook for ourselves in our rented house, but a meal or two on us would be good.
  2. Drunk eats. Again, groom doesn't drink but Holy Hell do the rest of us. Late-nite spots, greasy spoons, food carts/trucks/stands and the like.
  3. Southern food. BBQ, chicken & waffles, fried green tomatoes and, above all, anything indigenous to Nashville
  • Great bars
  1. Spots with music are essential because we are headed to Nashville specifically for the music.
  2. Bars with great craft beer selection. A few of us are huge craft beer guys. I used to write the beer rec's post over at the SBN Michigan site, Maize n Brew, so bring it if you've got it.
  3. Anything eclectic that screams "Nashville".
  • Can't-miss neighborhoods. I've heard the area around Vandy is one of the better spots in the city. Anyplace else we need to check out or could just get lost bumming around for a few hours?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help. I know this isn't specifically 'Dores-related but I assume most of you would want your alma mater's city represented in the best light. Also, I would be more than thrilled to offer Chicago info to any of you who happen up my way to put those academic also-rans from Northwestern and the U of C. in their places. We head down tomorrow morning but will have internet access all weekend so feel free to chime in as you see this. Thanks again so much.

Kyle McCann't

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