Basketball: Vanderbilt Commodores 74, Kentucky Wildcats 83 -- Postgame Report

This wasn't the first time DJP has gone ezeli on opposing guards.

Two solid wins and a tough loss to the top-ranked team in the land. Certainly there's no shame in losing to Anthony Davis, and Vanderbilt can look to both of its losses to Kentucky and make a solid case that they point to this team being capable of playing on par with a top ten team, perhaps justifying that preseason hype. There are two important games this week -- senior night against the less than healthy Florida Gators and then a big rivalry game on the road in Knoxville, where you know the Volunteers would love to end the season with another statement win prior to heading into the SEC Tournament.

Numbers from the previous three games:

Possessions 63.0 60.7
Points Per Possession 0.97 0.86
FG% 42.5% 36.4%
3FG% 45.5% 13.0%
FT% 81.0% 64.3%
Assist/Turnovers 0.40 0.58
Assists/Field Goals Made 47.1% 35.0%
% of Points by 3FG 49.2% 17.3%
Four Factors
eFG% 55.0% 39.1%
OReb% 28.0% 34.2%
TO% 31.8% 19.1%
FTRate 52.5% 25.5%
Possessions 56.3 56.9
Points Per Possession 1.05 0.84
FG% 38.5% 32.7%
3FG% 25.0% 34.8%
FT% 89.3% 100.0%
Assist/Turnovers 1.00 0.82
Assists/Field Goals Made 80.0% 50.0%
% of Points by 3FG 20.3% 50.0%
Four Factors
eFG% 43.6% 40.0%
OReb% 33.3% 29.7%
TO% 21.3% 19.5%
FTRate 71.8% 7.3%
Possessions 64.9 64.5
Points Per Possession 1.14 1.29
FG% 41.3% 57.1%
3FG% 38.9% 20.0%
FT% 65.2% 85.0%
Assist/Turnovers 1.00 1.22
Assists/Field Goals Made 26.9% 34.4%
% of Points by 3FG 28.4% 7.2%
Four Factors
eFG% 46.8% 58.9%
OReb% 37.2% 43.5%
TO% 10.8% 13.9%
FTRate 36.5% 35.7%

Relevant Links (VU-UK): Game Page /// Box Score /// Official Vanderbilt Recap /// A Sea of Blue

*** Each game, AOG's army of statistics monkeys laboriously pore over the box score and play-by-play to calculate the mysterious plus/minus game statistics. These are those statistics. Please share your observations via the comments. Note: these are only the stats from the last five games. Click here to view the entire 2012 season.***


Plus/Minus Adjusted Per 40 Minutes

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