The Hangover, Week 8

In which a 40-year-old Commodore supporter juggling a World Series and Alton Brown in concert attempts to unpack the results of last night's Vanderbilt football game.

* I very nearly shat myself when Zac Stacy left the game and I'm not ashamed to admit it, not after the nightmare that Marcus Lattimore was thrown into yesterday. Thankfully, somebody realized we shouldn't need Zac Stacy to beat a jumped-up I-AA team, and he sat out. Good.

* I'm still not sanguine about the playcalling. Wes Tate does north-south running as well as anyone on this team, just bust it forward for 3 yards, and yet we go for it on 4th and 1 with a bubble screen? The bros at Testudo Times told us two years ago "hope you like bubble screens" and I'm starting to think it's not all on Donovan that some of our play-calling seems to be done by ouija board.

* Freshmen. Herring. Azubike. Kimbrow. But also upperclass leadership - Garnham, Tate, and of course Ill Will, the one and only Trey WIlson, who now holds the SEC's Pick-6 record. Young defensive backs need to know that black and gold will put you in the league AND give you a career after, going back to Corey Chavous. (, folks. Chavous watched so much tape that at one point he had every episode of Sanford and Son on VHS.) We have some physical talent on this team...

* ...if we can just hold it together. I think Kentucky and Wake are doable. I'm worried about Ole Miss in Oxford and Tennessee at home, just because we can lose those games if we continue to play sloppy and rack up ridiculous penalties. I mean, five penalties in five plays, was it? On the first drive? Six? No wonder CJF called time out and bawled out the team on the sideline, and Joe Fisher noted on radio with 2:30 to go in halftime that the team STILL hadn't come out of the locker room. Sloppy play like that will only feed the SEC Officiating Random Event Generator.

* We're not home free yet, folks. I guarantee you every team the rest of the way still has us circled as a win on their schedule. It's time for us to stop playing down to the level of our opponents and play like the team we know we can be - this squad's best game is still ahead of it.

* White-black-white. Like it. Love it. Want it for the next home game, and you know who that is...

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