SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot - February 20-26, 2011

Anchor of Gold Ballot /// Results at Garnet and Black Attack on Sunday evening


Since the table doesn't fit on the main page, here are my rankings. Table with comments after the jump.

  1. Kentucky Wildcats
  2. Vanderbilt Commodores
  3. Florida Gators
  4. Alabama Crimson Tide
  5. Georgia Bulldogs
  6. Tennessee Volunteers
  7. Mississippi Rebels
  8. Arkansas Razorbacks
  9. South Carolina Gamecocks
  10. Mississippi State Bulldogs
  11. LSU Tigers
  12. Auburn Tigers
# Team Record AP ESPN Pom BBSt. Sag AVG* Comments
01 Kentucky Wildcats 19-7 (7-5) 22 22 9 14 14 12.33 Still in first, thanks to their profile, but games against Florida, Vanderbilt and Tennessee loom on the horizon.
02 Vanderbilt Commodores 20-6 (8-4) 18 18 25 12 21 19.33 Looking forward to a hostile Memorial Gym for Bruce Pearl's annual visit. I'm sure the Commodore fans will be "appreciative"...
03 Florida Gators 21-5 (10-2) 14 15 30 13 23 22.00 Snuck past LSU in Baton Rouge without Parsons. Will Parsons play this week? Next game - Thursday vs. Georgia. Then Saturday at Kentucky.
04 Alabama Crimson Tide 18-8 (10-2) 33 X 34 36 58 42.67 Looking more and more likely that Bama is going to win the SEC Regular Season.
05 Georgia Bulldogs 18-8 (7-5) X X 57 51 49 52.33 Huge game in Gainesville on Thursday. Can they unsettle Florida's grip on the East?
06 Tennessee Volunteers 16-11 (6-6) X X 52 61 48 53.67 Vanderbilt Tuesday and then Mississippi State Saturday. Can they climb out of fifth?
07 Mississippi Rebels 17-10 (5-7) X X 73 71 79 74.33 Stuck in 3rd in the West. Beat South Carolina and the game this weekend vs. Bama could help in quest to leap over rival Bulldogs.
08 Arkansas Razorbacks 16-10 (5-7) X X 97 122 97 105.33 You don't think they're looking past Kentucky for their matchup with Auburn, do you?
09 South Carolina Gamecocks 13-12 (4-8) X X 125 112 108 115.00 KenPom foretells of only "L's" in their future. Will they prove him wrong? Games vs. Mississippi and at Georgia this week.
10 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 14-12 (6-6) X X 134 115 137 128.67 LSU midweek followed by Tennessee. 1-1 would probably be enough to keep them in second in the West.
11 LSU Tigers 10-17 (2-10) X X 229 239 219 229.00 Could have really used a Tiger victory earlier today. Seriously.
12 Auburn Tigers 9-17 (2-10) X X 245 259 255 253.00 As a Commodore fan, allow me to let out a hearty "whew."

*** Pomeroy, BBState, and Sagarin numbers through games played Saturday February 19th, 2011 ***

*AVG is the average of the rankings of Ken Pomeroy (Pom), BB State (BBSt.), and Jeff Sagarin (Sag).


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