2012 BBall Recruiting Update: The First Offers

So my wife bought me Rivals for Valentines Day (yeah, pretty awesome), but while searching around, I found some non-premium info that I hadn't seen before. If you haven't read over my amateur recruiting outlook you may want to take a look. Then check out the list of offers after the jump.

These are all the players listed as offered by Vandy on Rivals. Any the comments on each player come from ESPN (also non-Insider content).

So far we have 8 offers out for 2012, with 5 spots expected. All of our offers so far are in the top 75, including one 5*. Last year we offered 11 players total, only 5 of whom were 4*. Clearly, we're far from done, and we have interest in a few more top 75 guys. But I wouldn't expect too many more offers from these kind of guys.

So here's what we've offered so far. If any news pops up on non-premium areas feel free to add it in the comments. Note also that these guys are all just juniors so they'll probably fill out more and may still add some height.

Kaleb Tarczewski - 7'0, 220 lb C from Mass. Rivals: 5* #4 C, #13 overall. ESPN: 5* #5 C, #8 overall.
*Would be our best recruit ever. Has offers from UConn, G-town, Kansas. No offer yet, but interest from UK.
*Good hands, good rebounder, very mobile. Big finesse, skill center.

Gary Harris - 6'4, 170 lb SG from Ind. Rivals: 4* #5 SG, #24 overall. ESPN: 5* #3 SG, #12 overall.
*Has offers from Butler, Cincinnati, Mich. St., ND, Ohio St, Xavier. No offer yet, but interest from Louisville, Marquette and UF.
*Very physical, aggressive slashing SG or wing. Disruptive defender. Great going to the hole, good midrange game, not a great 3 shooter.

Alex Poythress - 6'7, 205 lb PF from Clarksville. Rivals: 4* #11 PF, #35 overall. ESPN: 4* #9 PF, #26 overall.
*Offers from Tenn., UF, Marquette, Memphis, UGA. Interest, but no offer from Texas.
*Long, mobile, excellent rebounder, good finisher, good hands, good defender. Kind of a small, but long very skilled PF.

Je'lon Hornbeak - 6'3, 173 lb SG from Texas. Rivals: 4* #9 SG, #52 overall. ESPN: #16 SG, #80 overall.
*Has offers from Mizzou, Texas and WVU.
*Kind of a combo guard. Efficient, skilled ballhandler. Good vision, good passer, solid 3 shooter, good in the lane. Not much defense.

Evan Nolte - 6'8, 200 lb SF from Atlanta. Rivals: #15 SF, #59 overall. ESPN: #14 SF, #53 overall.
*Goes to Milton High School with Dai-Jon Parker.
*Offers from Auburn, Clemson, UF, UGA, Ohio St., USC. Interest, no offers from Duke and Texas.
*Long SF who really shoots the 3. Runs well, smart player, gets physical. Streaky and needs to broaden his game, doesn't rebound much.

Tony Parker - 6'9, 250 lb C from Atlanta. Rivals: 4* #12 C, #64 overall. ESPN: 5* #5 PF, #14 overall.
*Has offers from UConn, Duke, UF, G'town, UGA, L'ville, NC St., Ohio St., UT. Interest, but no offer from Kansas and UNC.
*Big, thick and very skilled. Terrific hands, has a midrange jumper, lots of post skill. Questions about his conditioning and his motor (compared to Renardo Sidney).

Omar Calhoun - 6'3, 170 lb SG from Brooklyn. Rivals: 4* #13 SG, #67 overall. ESPN: 4* #11 SG, #57 overall.
*Offers from UConn, UF, L'ville, Maryland, Pitt, Nova, WVU. Interest, but no offer from G'town, Kansas, UK and UNC.
*Can score pretty much anywhere on the court in a variety of ways. Solid defender. Could use to get stronger and be more aware and in control.

Landen Lucas - 6'9, 238 lbs C from Nev. Rivals: 4* #13 C, #75 overall. ESPN: 4* #18 PF, #74 overall.
*Offers or interest from pretty much everyone in the Pac 10. Interest but no offers from Kansas, G'town, ND, Texas.
*Being recruited by Dan Muller.
*Good frame, long and getting stronger. Great fundamentals down low, smart player who plays physical. Needs to be more aggressive, not very explosive.


We are listed as having interest in a few other guys ranked in the top 75 on Rivals:
Jeremy Holloway
- 4* #9 SF, #39 overall. ESPN: 4* #7 SF, #38 overall.
Jordan Tebbutt - 4* #14 SF, #54 overall. ESPN: 4* #17 SF, #63 overall.
Jordan Adams - 4* #10 SG, #55 overall. ESPN: 4* #16 SF, #56 overall.
Jaylen Beckham - 4* #11 PG, #72 overall. ESPN: 3* #15 PG, unranked overall.

None of these guys have as many offers as the ones listed above, so it seems like the market for these guys is a little slower developing. Tebbutt and Beckham particularly don't have that many offers yet, so I wouldn't be surprised to see any of these 4, but especially Tebbutt and Beckham get offers.

Now, obviously Poythress is the guy who is most clearly linked to Vandy. I also feel really good about Lucas. He seems like the kind of kid that we tend to get.

My best (mostly uneducated) guess at a great but realistic haul would be Poythress, Lucas, and one of the G or SF types. The class would then be filled out with one or two other 3/4* guys from deeper down the rankings that CKS unearths.

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