What does Dore Nation think of Cutler?

I'm a new arrival to Dore Nation, now in my second year. I think of myself as relatively devoted. Go to every basketball game I can, go to every football game until the team proves to me that I'm wasting my time (I plan to go to six games this season, CJF, make it happen), I am going to watch a butt-load of baseball this season.

But I've considered myself lucky that I wasn't here when Jay Cutler played for us, because then I'd feel like I have to like him.

Granted, this started only once all the nonsense started up in Denver. I had basically rooted for him before then just because I tended to root for Vandy kids because, fancying myself a smart guy, I liked to root for the guys who made it to the pros out of smart guys schools (other than Duke, yuck).

When all the hubbub started in Denver, I never considered him the root cause. I thought both he and Josh McDaniels were acting like petulant children, but McDaniels was the really ridiculous one, being a first year head coach and running out a good young QB. But Cutler also handled it pretty poorly at the time, and it was pretty embarrassing for himself and indirectly for Vandy.

Now, Cutler certainly comes off as a doofus, and it doesn't help that he seems so aloof, but for Vandy fans who were already around when he was here, and who have been following him from Day 1, I was wondering what the feeling was on Cutler.

Now, this need not be affected by today's events. Honestly, I think he got a bum deal with people questioning him for leaving. Some guys tend to get the no heart label, and it tends to be guys who are aloof like Cutler, especially ones who have left or been run out of another town. But I think it's pretty crazy to call out a guy just because you didn't SEE him get injured.

But, without regard for what you believe about today, I was wondering what other Vandy fans think about Jay.

(For the record, my feeling, being only indirectly connected to his Dore years, is that I'm not personally attached to him and think he's kind of goonie, but I'm relatively happy for him given the Dore connection when he does well, and happy or embarrassed for Vandy when he does well, or acts immaturely).

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