Name of the Week: LSU

Yes. This is a rip-off of Sippin' On Purple's weekly feature, that itself is a blatant copy of the Name of the Year blog and Storming the Floor's God Shammgod Award. We are bloggers. We are shameless.

Each week I'm going to peruse the other team's roster and pick out the five best names. You be the judge. At the end of the season we'll pit the winners against each other to come up with a Name of the Year.

Honorable Mention

86 WR Kadron Boone
02 WR Rueben Randle

64 C P.J. Lonergan

Read on for the Nominees.

The Nominees

53 OL T-Bob Hebert - This is how he is listed on the LSU Game Notes. According to the "Outside the Huddle Section": Son of former New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons quarterback Bobby Hebert ... Was given the nickname "T-Bob" by his great-grandmother ... Listens to "When the Levee Breaks" by Led Zeppelin before every game ... Describes himself as "a huge nerd." Collects comic books and video games. Said his favorite comic book growing up was The Green Lantern.

35 FB James Stampley - Jim Stampley or Jay Stampley just don't have the same gusto. I don't know what it is about this name. James totally makes it work. He could be the little fat kid with chocolate smeared all over his face, or the kid that licked the flag pole in A Christmas Story. Or a 5-10, 230 lb. Junior FB for LSU, though I would have pictured OL before FB.

95 DT Lazarius Levingston - Dr. Levingston I presume? Wrong. Luh-zair-ee-us Levingston. The Defensive Tackle for LSU. I would be surprised if he pursues his doctorate, though I would love to be wrong. His nickname is Pep. It should be Doc. His friends probably aren't readers.

50 SNP Joey Crappell - I am a juvenile. And this name is gold. Brown gold.

49 DE Barkevious Mingo - This is one of the greatest names I have ever seen. Bar-kee-vee-us. Mingo. I would love the story behind its genesis. There should be a book about this. I suspect we might have a name for our annual award. Phenomenal. I will be absolutely devastated if this name doesn't win. Shocked.

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