Vanderbilt at Georgia Gut-Check Reaction

Having just watched the Vandy-UGA game I feel compelled to share some of my reactions to the game.  A sincere salute to Tins and Beal for playing some really solid basketball.  That being said, when the rest of the team goes 6-33 from the floor against an SEC opponent, there is no way you can expect to pull out a win.  More in-depth analysis... after the jump.

Georgia showed some inspired moments but this game should have been ours.  A couple of reactions to some of the players out on the floor.

AJ Ogilvy

Man. Up.  I have never seen a big man play so weak.  It kills me watching him.  The only solid play he had tonight was that 3-point play he had in transition off a nice dish from Tinsley I believe.  As a Junior, he really needs to lead by example, and I just haven't seen that in League play.  Of course that has been the case since his Freshman year, but I keep hoping that I will see him rise to his potential.  I find myself screaming at Stallings to put Fez in to get some physicality down under the rim, because AJ's just not bringing it.

Jermaine Beal.

The man is a beast.  His two pull-up threes during the closing minutes of the first half both came off of steals and really got Vandy back in the game.  It seems like every year we have a player who has a knack for stepping up in big moments and making plays, whether its Byars, Shan Foster, or Beal, there is a always a player hungry for the big moment, and capable of making it happen, I continue to be impressed with Jermaine's play every game, as I am sure the NBA scouts in attendance were as well.  

Brad Tinsley:

The Tin Man is definitely one of my favorite players for the Dores this year.  Congratulations to him for getting his season high tonight, just wish it wasn't in a loss.  I really like the slash move that he has added to his repertoire, he had a couple of nice floaters in the lane tonight which makes him just as dangerous off the dribble as from behind the arc where he has been struggling.


This game really is about missed opportunities.  With an almost 2-1 turnover ratio in our favor there is no excuse for not taking advantage and pulling out another SEC road win.  This really comes down to execution.  I give credit to Georgia's second half defense, but there just wasn't any fire and intensity on our side tonight, which worries me for the future.  We also got killed on the glass, which is always disappointing and again indicative of uninspired play.  

At the beginning of the season, looking through this section of the schedule, I would have been extremely pleased to be where we are now with only 2 SEC loses.  However, we really gave this game away tonight with dismal shooting and uninspired play down the stretch (reminiscent of the MSST game a couple of nights ago unfortunately).  I don't think we will see many nights where Jenkins goes 0-9, and Taylor has been struggling ever since that missed reverse dunk during the UK game.  That being said, I hope this game serves as a real wake-up call to our players.  There are no cupcakes in the SEC, and we are going to need to bring some intensity to the UT game on Tuesday night.  I know I will be bringing it.  Look for me in the front row screaming my head off at Jism, Brian "I'm not fat I just get the munchies" Williams and the rest of the UT thugs.

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