Links: 01.18.2010 Edition

It's Monday, so we should have a new crop of bracketologies for everyone's amusement.

The thin line between greatness and frustration | InsideVandy

Vanderbilt Moves to 3-0 for First Time since '89 | Vanderbilt Sports Line

But perhaps the best thing I saw as I sat about 7 to 8 rows behind the Vanderbilt bench was the interaction of the team as a whole. This was never a scared group. They came into a decently hostile environment, complete with the "Garnet Army" chanting "Sweden sucks", and a guy asking A.J. Ogilvy if they had razors in Australia, and smiled as they beat the Gamecocks in nearly every phase of the game. I wrote after the Florida game that this would be where the fun begins for this team, and what I saw on Saturday makes me believe it even more. This team is on the same page, has a multitude of weapons, and doesn't lose a step when a new group comes in. While we may not beat Kentucky in Rupp or Tennessee in Knoxville, we are going to give them a hell of a fight. I think the days of shell shock are over.

Weekly Bracketology: 01.18.10 | Rush The Court

5 Vanderbilt vs. 12 Richmond

Weapons of mass appreciation | Nashville City Paper

"My freshman year [in high school] I was all into the crowd and trying to please them," John Jenkins said. "Now, it’s just about playing the game and trying to win."

SB Nation Bracketology: Several Marquee Names Take A Drop | SB Nation

8) Vanderbilt vs 9) Wake Forest

Weekly Watch: Week 9 | ESPN

Vanderbilt: The Commodores are quietly putting together a run for an NCAA bid. Beating Alabama and South Carolina on the road is just two more steps.

Ol’ fashioned beatdown. | The Vanderbilt Vendidad

Bracketology | ESPN

(6) Vanderbilt (13-3)

(11)California (11-6)

College Basketball Bracket Regions - NCAA Men's Basketball | ESPN

Vanderbilt The two most critiqued omissions from our preseason bracket were Arizona and Vanderbilt. In the case of the Commodores, I was dead wrong.

Bracketology 101's Field of 65 - Jan. 18 | Bracketology 101

SEC - Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Mississippi, Florida The 6s BYU, Mississippi State, New Mexico, Vanderbilt

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